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GoogleTestAd Secrets Revealed!

The term "googletestad" has seen huge increases in popularity over the past few months.

Here is the latest Wordtracker results:

googletestad results on Wordtracker

The very popular keyword "Googletestad" is presently one of the most frequently searched words according to Wordtracker and Overture. It generally brings up mostly bogus non-meaningful pages when searched on Google, MSN or Yahoo.

Most of the Web sites listed on all the search engines for the keyword Googletestad don't have anything to do with Googletestad, search engine optimization, webmasters or anything remotely close to website promotion.

The SitePoint Forum has a short discussion of Google Test Ad. You can see the conversation here. There don't seem to know what it is about either.

The SEO Round Table has this comment:
"Apparently last month the phrase was in the top 30 most popular phrases and gained about 40,000 searches last month. Prime for the picking it seems for some people. There has been a rush for some to create websites and scrape some content in order to capitalize on the traffic with Adsense or by selling third party SEO software. If it does get that amount of traffic, it's questionable whether or not it would actually convert to a sale or click for anyone. But people are interested."

At over 13,000 a day on August 14th, you can see it is growing every day.

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